Development prospect and Investment Risk Forecast on Business Airplane Industry in China, 2015-2020

In 2014, the number of business airplane in Global is 39,254, increasing by 4.9% over last year, in which, US has 11,000 business airplane, accounting for 30% of total number in global.

At present, there mainly are 8 business airplane manufactures in global, in which, Gulfstream Aerospace, Cessna, Hawker Beechcraft Corporation and Boeing Company in US, Dassault aircraft company and Airbus in France, while Embraer S.A in Braizil. The output in these eight manufacturers accounts for about 90% of global output.

In 2008, the global economy was influenced by financial crisis, so did the market capacity of business airplane. In 2009, the global market capacity of business airplane was about USD 10.8 billion, and decreased to USD 9.8 billion in 2012. In 2014, with the recovery of global economy, the global market capacity of business airplane was about USD 10.6 billion.

Business Airplane originates from the developed countries in Euro-America. In 1937, the first business airplane appeared in US. In 1947, the first guidance organization of business airplane in world: National Business Aviation Association was founded in US. At present, this Association has 6,300 members, of which the total revenue accounts for more than half of GDP in US. The business aviation industry in US is very developed, there are 14,000 airports in US, of which only about 1,000 are used for public aviation, while over 10,000 are used for business aviation. In US, the general aviation (including business aviation as well as rescue, exploration and photography etc, special aviation) flies over 32 million hours each year, 2 times higher than civil aviation, and carries166 million passengers. 70% of general aviation hours are used for commercial purpose (Business airplane).

Influence by financial crisis in 2008, the delivery amount of business airplane in global decreased in last five years. In 2008, the delivery amount was 1,313, reaching the highest level in history. In 2009, the delivery amount was 870, decreasing by 28.3%. In 2013, with fading of financial crisis influence, the delivery amount grew positively for the first time in recent five years, hitting 678, up 0.9% over last year.

Table of Contents for Report "Development prospect and Investment Risk Forecast on Business Airplane Industry in China, 2015-2020"

Table of Contents

1. Overview of Business Airplane Industry and General Aviation, 2014
1.1 Introduction on Business Airplane
1.1.1 Definition
1.1.2 Industry Scope
1.2 Definition of General Aviation
1.2.1 Definition
1.2.2 Scope
1.3 General Aviation Industry
1.3.1 Industry Chain
1.3.2 Operation
1.3.3 Manufacturing
1.3.4 Airport Base Operation

2. Business Airplane Industry Operation in Global, 2014
2.1 Overall Situation, 2014
2.1.1Number of Business Airplane in Global
2.1.2 Scale and Distribution of Business Airplane Manufacturers in Global
2.1.3 Capacity and Profit Margin of Business Airplane Market in Global
2.1.4 Business Airplanes, Mainstream in Developed Countries
2.1.5 Statistics on New Delivery amount and Analysis on Comparison over last year of Business Airplane in Global Market
2.2 Business Airplane Industry Operation in Some Countries
2.2.1 US
2.2.2 Canada
2.2.3 France
2.2.4 UK
2.2.5 Italy
2.2.6 Japan Government Supports Business Airplane Operation

3. Operation Environment of Business Airplane Industry in China, 2014
3.1 Policy Environment, 2014
3.1.1 Policies and Regulations Related to Airplane Manufacturing Industry
3.1.2 Encouragement Policies of Business Airplane
3.1.3 Policies and Regulations Related to Business Airplane Industry
3.2 Technical Environment, 2014
3.3 Social Environment , 2014

4. Leading Enterprises of Business Airplane in Global, 2010-2014
4.1 Airbus
4.1.1 Company Profile
4.1.2 Airplane Type
4.1.3 Output of Business Airplane
4.2 Boeing Company
4.2.1 Company Profile
4.2.2 Airplane Type
4.2.3 Output of Business Airplane
4.3 Bombardier
4.3.1 Company Profile
4.3.2 Airplane Type
4.3.3 Output of Business Airplane
4.4 Embraer S.A
4.4.1 Company Profile
4.4.2 Airplane Type
4.4.3 Output of Business Airplane
4.5 Cessna
4.5.1 Company Profile
4.5.2 Airplane Type
4.5.3 Output of Business Airplane
4.6 Dassault aircraft company
4.6.1 Company Profile
4.6.2 Airplane Type
4.6.3 Output of Business Airplane
4.7 Eclipse Aviation
4.7.1 Company Profile
4.7.2 Airplane Type
4.7.3 Output of Business Airplane
4.8 Gulfstream Aerospace
4.8.1 Company Profile
4.8.2 Airplane Type
4.8.3 Output of Business Airplane
4.9 Hawker Beechcraft Corporation
4.9.1 Company Profile
4.9.2 Airplane Type
4.9.3 Output of Business Airplane

5. Global Operation Market of Business Airplane, 2010-2014
5.1Global General Aviation Operation
5.2 US General Aviation Operation
5.3 Australia General Aviation

6. Operation Backgroud of China General Aviation, 2014
6.1 Operation Enterprises and Business Category
6.1.1 Number of General Aviation Enterprises
6.1.2 Key Enterprises
6.2 Market Scale of General Aviation Operation
6.2.1 General Avaiation Airport and Airplane Number, 2014
6.2.2 Market Scale of General Aviation, 2015-2018
6.2.3 Business Structure of General Aviation, 2015-2018
6.3 Regulation and Law System of General Aviation
6.3.1 Laws in Mainland China
6.3.2 Administrative Regulations
6.3.3 Civil Aviation Regulations
6.4 Industry Policies and Influences
6.4.1 Policy Analysis
6.4.2 Policy Trend
6.4.3 General Aviation Plan During "the 12th Five-year Plan" Period

7. Statistic Analysis on Import & Export Data of Helicopter Market in China, 2011-2014
7.1 Of an unladen weight not exceeding 2 tons (88021100), 2011-2014
7.1.1 Import Volume
7.1.2 Export Amount
7.1.3 Export Destinations
7.2 Of an unladen weight exceeding 2 tons but not exceeding 7 tons (88021210), 2011-2014
7.2.1 Import Volume
7.2.2 Export Amount
7.2.3 Export Destinations
7.3 Of an unladen weight exceeding 7 tons (88021220), 2011-2014
7.3.1 Import Volume
7.3.2 Export Amount
7.3.3 Export Destinations

8. Business Airplane Market in China, 2010-2014
8.1 Status Quo, 2010-2014
8.1.1 Business Airplane Number, 2010-2014
8.1.2 Prospect Forecast, 2015-2020
8.2 Business Airplane Operation
8.2.1 Operation Scale r, 2010-2014
8.2.2 Competition Pattern, 2010-2014

9. Domestic Operation Enterprises of Business Airplane in China, 2010-2014
9.1 Beijing Capital Airlines Co., Ltd.
9.1.1 Company Profile
9.1.2 Business Scale
9.1.3 Developments, 2010-2014
9.2 Business Airplane Branch, Air China Limited
9.2.1 Company Profile
9.2.2 Business Scale
9.2.3 Developments, 2010-2014
9.3 Asia United Business Aviation Limited
9.3.1 Company Profile
9.3.2 Business Scale
9.3.3 Developments, 2010-2014
9.4 ZYB Lily Jet
9.4.1 Company Profile
9.4.2 Business Scale
9.4.3 Developments, 2010-2014
9.5 China Eastern Airlines Co., Ltd
9.5.1 Company Profile
9.5.2 Business Scale
9.5.3 Developments, 2010-2014
9.6 COHC
9.6.1 Company Profile
9.6.2 Business Scale
9.6.3 Developments, 2010-2014

10 Prospect of Business Airplane Industry, 2015-2018
10.1 Prospect of Demand and Supply, 2015-2018
10.1.1 Forecast on Upstream Raw Material Supply and Market Situation
10.1.2 Prospect of Downstream Demand, 2015-2018
10.1.3 Production Capacity Forecast
10.1.4 Prospect of Import & Export
10.2 Market Prospect
10.2.1 Market Capacity
10.2.2 Development Prospect
10.3 Future Development Forecast in China
10.3.1 Development Orientation
10.3.2 Development Scale, 2015-2018
10.3.3 Development Trend , 2015-2018
10.3.4 Gradually-improved Operation Conditions
10.4 Demand and Supply Forecast
10.4.1 Supply Forecast, 2015-2018
10.4.2 Demand Forecast, 2015-2018
10.5 Key Trend Influencing Enterprise Production and Operation
10.5.1 Demand Trend and New Commercial Opportunities
10.5.2 Trend of Exploring Regional Markets
10.5.3 R&D Trend and Substitution Technology
10.5.4 Sales and Service Mode Development Trend
10.6 Market Pattern and Economic Efficiency Prospect
10.6.1 Market Pattern Prospect
10.6.2 Economic Efficiency Prediction
10.7 Overall Industry Plan and Forecast during the "12th Five-year Plan" Period
10.7.1 International Prospect, 2015-2018
10.7.2 Development Prospect in China, 2015-2018

11. Investment Opportunities and Risks in Business Airplane Industry, 2015-2018
11.1 Investment Environment and Countermeasures
11.2 Investment Opportunities
11.3 Investment Risks
11.3.1 Policy Risk
11.3.2 Operation Risk
11.3.3 Technical Risk
11.3.3 Industry Entry and Withdrawal Risk
11.4 Investment Strategy and Suggestion
11.4.1 Capital Structure Selection
11.4.2 Strategy Selection
11.4.3 Regional Selection
11.4.4 Suggestions from Huajingshidian' Experts

List of Figures

Fig.6: Number of Business Airplane in Global, 2010-2014
Fig.7: Market Shares of Business Airplane Manufacturers in Global
Fig.8: Global Market Capacity of Business Airplane, 2010-2014
Fig.9: Delivery Amount and Growth Rate Over Last Year of Business Airplane in Global, 2009-2013

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