Research and Development Trends of China Healthcare Informatization, 2013-2017

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According to the data from China Hospital Association, China’s medical industry spent CNY 18 billion on IT in 2012, rising by 23% compared with the previous year; the annual average growth rate was nearly 25% for recent five years.

According to the 12th-Five-Year Informatization Promotion Arrangements of Ministry of Health, China’s Healthcare Informatization 2012-2013 mainly should be still a progressive process from points to areas. During 2014 to 2015, it will be comprehensively promoted. As the Huidian Research estimates, the Healthcare informatization industry will step into the explosive period in 2014 and usher in a faster growth.

This report mainly includes the following points:

  • Making the in-depth analysis of the overall operation of China’s medical industry
  • Making the specific analysis of status quo of the world and China’s healthcare informatization development
  • Making the specific analysis of segmented industry demand of China’s healthcare informatization
  • Making the major analysis of leading enterprises of China’s healthcare informatization
  • Making the thematic analysis of China’s medical procurement
  • Making the forecast for the future development of China’s healthcare informatization

All these aforementioned can offer the decisive reference for customers to know the latest development status of China’s healthcare informatization market.

Table of Contents for Report "Research and Development Trends of China Healthcare Informatization, 2013-2017"

Table Of Contents

1. Operation Overview of China's Healthcare Industry, 2012-2013
1.1 Development Status of China's Healthcare Industry, 2012-2013
1.1.1 China's Hospital Resources
1.1.2 China's Hospital Diagnosis & Treatment and Discharge Number
1.1.3 Use of China's Hospital Beds
1.1.4 China's Hospital Revenue and Expenditure
1.1.5 Top Ten Diseases Composition of China's Hospital Inpatients
1.2 Challenges and Countermeasures of China's Hospital Development and Construction, 2012-2013

2. China's Healthcare Informatization Industry Operation Environment, 2012-2013
2.1 China's Economic Development Environment, 2013
2.2 Industry Policy Environment, 2012-2013
2.2.1 Informatization Policy Summary, 2002-2010
2.2.2 Requirements of New Medical Reform over Healthcare Informatization
2.2.3 Some Problems in the Healthcare Insurance Informatization Construction
2.2.4 Major Work Arrangements 2013 of Deepening Healthcare System Reform
2.2.5 Ministry of Health Issuing the Report of Health China 2020 Strategy Research
2.2.6 National Health and Family Planning Commission of China Declaring to Deploy the Health Informatization Mainly from Four Aspects
2.3 Industry Social Environment, 2012-2013
2.3.1 China's Population Aging Process Being Accelerated
2.3.2 China's Medical Insurance Coverage Rate Being Close to Saturation

3. Development Situation of World Healthcare Informatization Industry, 2012-2013
3.1 Operation Overview, 2012-2013
3.1.1 Growth Situation
3.1.2 Healthcare Informatization in the Global Orbit
3.2 Healthcare Informatization Industry of World Major Regions, 2012-2013
3.2.1 Healthcare IT Market Comparison of Major Countries
3.2.2 Development Process of the US Healthcare Informatization
3.2.3 Development Process of European Healthcare Informatization
3.2.4 Healthcare Informatization Planning of World Countries
3.3 Development Trends, 2013-2017

4. Operation Situation of China's Healthcare Informatization Industry, 2012-2013
4.1 Development, 2012-2013
4.1.1 Four Development Stages
4.1.2 Development Overview
4.1.3 Market Scale Development
4.1.4 China's Healthcare Informatization Investment and Core Business Development
4.1.5 Demand for Healthcare Informatization of China Domestic Hospitals
4.2 Existing Problems, 2012-2013
4.2.1 Imbalanced Informatization Development of Medical and Health Institutions
4.2.2 Lacking the Information Share and Business Collaboration among Medical and Health Institutions
4.2.3 Common Application and Information Islanding Phenomena
4.2.4 Existence of Safety Hazards of Healthcare Information Data under Mobile Environment
4.2.5 Inadequate Capital Input in Healthcare Informatization Construction and Large Post-Maintenance Costs
4.3 Development Countermeasures, 2012-2013
4.3.1 Building and Perfecting the Informatization Construction Standards
4.3.2 Accelerating the Input or Local Health Administrative Departments Organizing the Unified Informatization Construction
4.3.3 Building and Perfecting the Laws and Regulations of Electronic Medical Records and Electronic Prescriptions
4.3.4 Taking the Hospital Self Conditions into Account When Purchasing the System
4.3.5 Accelerating the Cultivation of Informatization Talents

5. Application and Demand of China's Clinical Information System, 2012-2017
5.1 Major Contents of Clinical Information System
5.2 Implementation Process and IT Input Scale of Clinical Information System, 2012
5.2.1 Overall Process
5.2.2 Regional Application of Major Subprojects
5.2.3 Application of Major Subprojects in Various Hospitals
5.2.4 IT Input
5.3 Development Trends and IT Demand Scale, 2013-2017
5.3.1 Development Trends
5.3.2 IT Demand Scale

6. Operation of Other Market Segments of China's Healthcare Informatization, 2012-2013
6.1 Operation Situation of China's Electronic Medical Record Industry, 2012-2013
6.1.1 Application and Popularity of Foreign Electronic Medical Records
6.1.2 Taiwan to Implement the Electronic Medical Records
6.1.3 Promotion and Popularity of Electronic Medical Records Confronting with Obstacles
6.1.4 Suggestions on Electronic Medical Records' Promotion and Development
6.2 Operation of China's Telemedicine Industry, 2012-2013
6.2.1 Brief Introduction of Foreign Telemedicine Development
6.2.2 Emergence and Development of China's Telemedicine Technology
6.2.3 Building of Asian Largest Telemedicine Service Center in China
6.2.4 Factors Limiting the Telemedicine Development and Countermeasures
6.2.5 Development Trends of Telemedicine Technology
6.3 Analysis of Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS), 2012-2013
6.3.1 Digital Medical Picture Archiving and Management
6.3.2 Implementation of PACS
6.3.3 Barco Display Technology Winning the Bidding of Austrian PACS Project
6.3.4 Development Status and Existing Problems of China's PACS

7. Major Enterprises of China's Healthcare Industry, 2012-2013
7.1 Tianjian Technology Group
7.1.1 Company Profile
7.1.2 Competitive Advantages
7.1.3 Business Performance
7.1.4 Development Strategy
7.2 Xi'an Huahai Yingtai Medical Information Technology Co., Ltd.
7.2.1 Company Profile
7.2.2 Huahai Medical Information and Hony Capital Jointly Developing the Medical Digital Market
7.2.3 Competitive Advantages
7.2.4 Grand Release of Huahai HiNet PACS 5.0
7.3 Shaanxi Hi-Tech Medical Information Co., Ltd.
7.3.1 Company Profile
7.3.2 Implementing the Technical Standard Strategy and Firmly Controlling Industry Commanding Heights
7.3.3 Product R & D Dynamics
7.4 Shanghai Kingstar Winning Software Co., Ltd.
7.4.1 Company Profile
7.4.2 Latest Business Progress
7.4.3 Business Performance
7.4.4 Future Development Strategy
7.5 Founder International Software Co., Ltd.
7.5.1 Company Profile
7.5.2 Comprehensive Business Integration of Founder International (Beijing) and Beijing PKU-DigiCARE
7.5.3 Founder International Successfully Accomplishing the Integrated Platform Project Goal of Peking University People's Hospital
7.5.4 Business Performance
7.6 DJ HealthUnion Systems Corporation
7.6.1 Company Profile
7.6.2 Customers
7.6.3 Core Technology
7.7 Enjoyor Co., Ltd.
7.7.1 Company Profile
7.7.2 Progress of Healthcare Informatization Business
7.7.3 Business Performance
7.8 DHC Software Co., Ltd.
7.8.1 Company Profile
7.8.2 Progress of Healthcare Informatization Business
7.8.3 Business Performance
7.9 Hangzhou Builder Software Group Co., Ltd.
7.9.1 Company Profile
7.9.2 Products
7.9.3 Future Development Strategy

8. IT Product Procurement of China's Healthcare Industry, 2012-2013
8.1 Brief Introduction
8.2 Centralized Procurement, 2012-2013
8.2.1 Centralized Bid Inviting and Procurement of China's Drugs
8.2.2 Centralized Procurement of China's High-Value Medical Consumables
8.2.3 Government Procurement Overview of China's Medical Devices
8.3 Independent Procurement, 2012-2013
8.3.1 Characteristics of Medical Service Industry
8.3.2 Independent Procurement
8.4 Key Factors Emphasized in Procurement and Bid Inviting
8.4.1 Software Quality Should Be Highly Standardized
8.4.2 Safety Should Be Highly Reliable
8.4.3 File Modification Trace Should Be Kept
8.4.4 Openness and Compatibility Should Be High

9. Development Prospect Forecast of China's Healthcare Informatization Industry, 2013-2017
9.1 Outlook of Development Prospects, 2013-2017
9.1.1 China's Healthcare Marketization Business Having Broad Prospects
9.1.2 Future Medical Device Market Having Bright Prospects
9.1.3 China's New Rural Cooperative Medical Having Good Development Prospects
9.1.4 Medical Industry to Become the Main Industry That Promotes the Domestic Demand and National Economy Growth
9.2 Forecast of Development Prospects, 2013-2017
9.2.1 Global Digital Medical Market Having Unlimited Potential
9.2.2 Development Trends of Medical IT Market
9.2.3 IT Market Scale Forecast of China's Medical Industry, 2017
9.3 Profitability Forecast 2013-2017
9.4 Summary
9.4.1 Overall Judgment of Industry Development Trends
9.4.2 Development Strategies and Market Tactics
9.4.3 Macro Economic Trends of Healthcare Informatization Industry

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