Research and Forecast of China Digital Camera Industry, 2013-2017

Because of the influences from the technological upgrading of products and related policies, the sales revenue of China’s digital cameras showed the fluctuation trend during 2009-2012. But with the improvement of national economy and living standards as well as the increasing market of consumer electronics products, it is predicted that the sales revenue of digital cameras will increase in the future few years and will reach CNY 85 billion by 2017.

In 2012, Canon, Nikon and Sony ranked the top three positions in China’s digital camera market with the accumulative attention shares of more than 70%. The commercially available consumer-level digital cameras had the largest number, but the attention share showed the declining trend. The digital SLR cameras exceeded the consumer-level digital cameras in the third quarter with the highest SKU attention rate; the attention rate of EVIL (electronic viewfinder interchangeable lens) cameras showed the rising trend and the number of the commercially available brands increased compared with 2011. The new consumer-level digital cameras were released every month and the average market price showed the rising trend. The average market price of digital SLR cameras was obviously higher than that of other market segments.

  • Research and Forecast of China Digital Camera Industry, 2013-2017 mainly includes the following contents:
  • Development status quo, supply & demand and development trends of China’s digital camera industry,
  • Development environment, market scale of digital camera industry, brand competition and channel competition
  • Analyze the operation of five major manufacturers of digital cameras in China and the development of key foreign brands etc.

Table of Contents for Report "Research and Forecast of China Digital Camera Industry, 2013-2017"

Table Of Contents

1. Overview for Digital Cameras
1.1 Definition
1.2 Working Principle and Classification
1.3 Development Process

2. Foreign Digital Cameras and Brands
2.1 USA
2.2 Germany
2.3 Japan
2.4 Sweden

3. China's Environment for Digital Cameras
3.1 Economic Development Environment
3.1.1 Macro-economy
3.1.2 GDP
3.1.3 Fixed Asset Investment
3.1.4 Total Import and Export Amount and Growth Rate
3.2 Industrial Policies

4. Status Quo of China's Digital Camera Industry
4.1 Market Development Overview
4.2 Brand Attention Pattern
4.3 Product Attention Pattern
4.4 Market Price Trends

5. Market Supply & Demand and Forecast of China's Digital Cameras
5.1 Supply and Forecast
5.2 Supply Factors
5.3 Demand and Forecast
5.4 Demand Factors
5.5 Price and Forecast
5.5.1 Current Market Price
5.5.2 Factors Affecting the Price
5.5.3 Price Trends

6. Imports and Exports of China's Digital Cameras
6.1 Imports
6.2 Exports
6.3 Import Sourcing Countries and Export Destination Countries
6.3.1 Import Sourcing Countries
6.3.2 Export Destination Countries

7. Overall Development of China's Digital Camera Industry, 2009-2012
7.1 Scale
7.1.1 Enterprise Scale
7.1.2 Staff Scale
7.1.3 Asset Scale
7.2 Production and Sales
7.2.1 Output Value
7.2.2 Sales Revenue
7.3 Financial Capability
7.3.1 Profitability and Forecast
7.3.2 Solvency
7.3.3 Investment Income

8. Major Players in China
8.1 Canon
8.1.1 Company Profile
8.1.2 Business Performance
8.1.3 Sales Channels
8.2 Nikon
8.2.1 Company Profile
8.2.2 Business Performance
8.2.3 Sales Channels
8.3 Sony
8.3.1 Company Profile
8.3.2 Business Performance
8.3.3 Sales Channels
8.4 Samsung
8.4.1 Company Profile
8.4.2 Business Performance
8.4.3 Sales Channels
8.5 Panasonic
8.5.1 Company Profile
8.5.2 Business Performance
8.5.3 Sales Channels

9. Development Trends and Investment Opportunities of the Digital Camera Industry
9.1 Development Trends
9.1.1 Development of High-Pixel Sensors
9.1.2 Gradual Maturity of Image Stability Technology
9.1.3 Digital SLR Cameras
9.2 Development Limitations and Opportunities
9.2.1 Limitations and Challenges
9.2.2 Opportunities

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