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AgriChina Investor 1207

The question that who will cultivate land in the future appears to be superfluous as China has hundreds of millions of farmers. However, this question is real. Since the early 1990s, many farmers left home to work in cities. At present, the lack of farmers in villages has impacted the agricultural production in some areas.

Young rural residents like to work in cities because cultivating land is toilsome with very little money earned. “Many people have left the countryside, while the left are becoming older. At present, there is no 20s to 30s farmers in our village. Most of the farmers here are in their 40s to 60s. Who will cultivate the land in the future?” said Liu Junming, a farmer in a small village in Shanxi Province.

In fact, Chinese government has paid attention to this issue. It has strengthened the promotion of land transfer and the mechanization in agriculture, hoping to solve this problem and some achievements have been received.

However, there is still a large part of land in China that is not suitable for mechanization, thus the government should continue to find more ways to solve the labour force shortage in these regions.

Table of Contents for Report "AgriChina Investor 1207"

Table Of contents

Chuying Agro-Pastoral''s rapid expansion faces challenges
Shenzhen Jinxinnong invests in capital preservation financing product
Arla Foods strengthens its presence in China
Muyuan Foodstuff''s IPO approved
Big buyers increase in domestic crop protection market
U.S. drought not to push up China''s grain price
China''s cotton import volume up 130.2% in H1 2012
Brief introduction to China''s direct subsidies for farmers
High reliance on imported soybean affects China''s edible oil security
Investment in leisure agriculture to become hot in China
Why companies in other industries set foot in agricultural business?
Chinese farmers often experience poor sales of agricultural produces
Guangdong Dahuanong to accelerate aquaculture vaccine commercialization
Minsheng Banking opens financial centers for tea and fishery
Imp.&exp. value of China''s agricultural produces up 18.4% in Jan.-May 2012
Flood may drag down China''s autumn grain yield
Pests and diseases on major crops get more serious this year
2011: Output value of China''s agro-product processing exceeds USD2,355 billion
Peanut oil price shows further increase this year
Sinopec and China Post to jointly market medlar

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