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China Fluoride Materials Monthly Report 1207

On June 25, 2012, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People”s Republic of China promulgated the List of the First Batch of Fluorite Production Lines Which Meet the Standard for Fluorite Industry Admittance. It means that China has formally carried out the integration of fluorite resources, which will benefit the export control of fluorite, improve the efficiency of fluorite utilization and promote the development of high value-added products of fluorine chemical.

On July 9, 2012, the Central Government of the People”s Republic of China issued a policy, namely the Development Plan of Energy-Saving and New-Energy Vehicles Industry(2012-2020). In order to popularize the application of energy-saving and new-energy vehicles, the Chinese government will provide more support, such as financial subsidies, to the scientific research on vehicle technologies and some core auto parts, the construction of charging station for BEV and PHEV, the encouragement on small-displacement vehicles, etc. This new policy is going to promote the rapid development of BEV and PHEV, which will greatly increase the demand of LiPF6 in China.

In addition, influenced by the depression of economy both at home and abroad, the market situation of fluorine chemical downstream industries was still dismal and the prices of some fluorine chemicals slumped in June.

Table of Contents for Report "China Fluoride Materials Monthly Report 1207"

Table Of contents

China witnesses uptrend of fluorite ore and downtrend of fluorite powder in H1 2012
China formally carries out integration of fluorite resources
Domestic price of HCFC-22 decreases a lot in June 2012
Development strategy of AHF enterprises in China
Tianye Tolian obtains reparations from Yinyi Mining
Domestic price of aluminum fluoride maintains a decreasing trend
Do-Fluorite purchases 73% share of Baiyin Zhongtian
PFA to witness better development in China
The consumption situation of three grades of PTFE resin in China
LiPF6 industry in China to grow explosively in 12th Five-year Plan period
Domestic demand of LiPF6 to expand due to a new policy to promote energy-savingand new-energy vehicles
Import and Export analysis of fluoride chemicals in China in May 2012
Prices of most fluoride materials drop in June 2012

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