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Land Right in China Edition (1)

Land circulation is a very important policy in China, playing a positive role in promoting the development of modern agriculture. And it will be possible for China to transform from household contract and planting by scattered small farmers in the past to large-scale plant, which has a significant impact on upstream, midstream and downstream of agriculture. By the end of 2015, China’s land transfer area has reached 29.8 million ha, accounting for 33.3% of the total area of farmland contracted and managed by Chinese households in the second round, with a year-on-year increase of 10.92%.

The State Council of China carried out policies on land right confirmation and loans secured against the land management right from 2009 and 2014, respectively. Both policies will promote land circulation and guide capital flowing into agriculture, planting and breeding industries.

In order to figure out China’s land right situation, CCM has done lots of researches on the following aspects:

  • Current land circulation situation
  • Circulation area of farmland in China, 2006-2015
  • Land circulation area of 26 provinces in China, as of Oct. 2016
  • Difficulties in the development of land circulation
  • Land right confirmation policy
  • Policy on loans secured against the land management right
  • Trend of land right in China

Table of Contents for Report "Land Right in China Edition (1)"

Table of Contents

Executive summary

1 Land circulation policy
1.1 Development history
1.2 Ways
1.3 Difficulties

2 Land right confirmation policy
2.1 Development history
2.2 Necessity
2.3 Difficulties

3 Policy on loans secured against the land management right
3.1 Development history
3.2 Patterns
3.3 Difficulties

List of Tables

Table 1.1-1 Change of the rural land (farmland) contract term
Table 1.1-2 Circulation area of farmland in China, 2006-2015
Table 1.1-3 Land circulation area of 26 provinces in China, as of Oct. 2016
Table 1.2-1 Circulation ways of farmland in China, 2014
Table 2.1-1 Pilot regions of land right confirmation program in China, 2009-2016
Table 2.1-2 Progress of 22 provinces/regions in China which have conducted the pilot program of land right confirmation throughout the province, as of Nov. 2016
Table 2.2-1 Comparison between villages with right confirmed and unconfirmed in land circulation and rental price of 28 provinces in China, 2011-2012
Table 2.2-2 Situation of land transferred in/out of farmers with right confirmed/unconfirmed in three pilot counties (cities/districts) in Jiangsu Province, Jan. 2014-May 2014
Table 3.1-1 Number of 232 pilot counties (cities/districts) in China by administrative region, Dec. 2015
Table 3.2-1 Lending rate for direct mortgage of land management right in seven banks in China, 2014-2016
Table 3.3-1 Intention statement for agricultural entities in China to obtain loans secured against the land management right, Dec. 2014-June 2015

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