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Market and Future Prospects of Renewable Energies in China Edition (1) – Executive summary

The Executive Summary of renewable energies is from CCM’s report named Market and Future Prospects of Renewable Energies in China, which is finished in Feb.2015.

Industry Background

At present, PVPP as an excellent stabilizer is mainly used by many large-scared beer producers in China. Along with the development of the application research of pharmaceutical adjuvants in China, the application of PVPP, a new pharmaceutical excipientwhich plays an important rolein agentia area, has been developing in pharmaceutical industry in China (mainly used as a disintegrant in troche). With good disintegrant ability, PVPP is attracting more and more attention from pharmaceutical industry at home and abroad.

Executive Summary

The production of PVPP in China has witnessed slow growth in recent years, with the output’s CAGR less than 1% during 2009 to 2013. The capacity has seen different changes, and the producers’ situation and downstream industries development trendare also provided.

Benefits to Clients

  • What are those changes?
  • What is the consumption development of PVPPin China?
  • Where is the PVPP industry going?
  • What are the decisive factors for its future development?

The Executive Summary of PVPP briefs you an overview over the PVPP in China and gives you a general outlook of the industry.

Table of Contents for Report "Market and Future Prospects of Renewable Energies in China Edition (1) – Executive summary"

Table of Contents


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