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Market Research for Microalgae DHA in China Edition (1) – Executive Summary

The executive summary is from CCM’s report called Market Research of Microalgae DHA in China which is finished in Jun 2015.

In recent years, China’s microalgae DHA has been experiencing growth in its supply. Besides, the Chinese government encourages to develop microalgae DHA industry. Moreover, infant formula, the largest application field of microalgae DHA in China, has further developed these years. All above are good to develop microalgae DHA in China. And the high margin in the business of microalgae DHA has attracted investors actually.

Through the summary, you can get the overview of China’s microalgae DHA, including capacity and output, consumption volume and consumption pattern, producer distribution, technology development, import situation, price information and future trend of China’s microalgae market.

From this summary, you can obtain commercial opportunities in China’s microalgae DHA industry
and penetrate China’s microalgae DHA market.

Table of Contents for Report "Market Research for Microalgae DHA in China Edition (1) – Executive Summary"

Table of Contents


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