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Policies on Hazardous Chemicals in China Edition (1) – Executive summary

The Executive Summary of Policies on Hazardous Chemicals in China is from CCM’s report Policies on Hazardous Chemicals in China, which was finished on 25 Dec., 2015.

Since the explosion of Px project in Zhangzhou City, the Chinese government launched inspections to the domestic Px projects and correspondingly, the government also issued some strict supervision and environmental protection policies & regulations on hazardous chemicals.

After the Tianjin Explosion, both central and local governments have strengthened the total supervision on hazardous chemicals by some policies & regulations in the aspect of permit for land use, production, storage and transportation.

This summary briefs you some policies & regulations on hazardous chemicals in China, helping you clearly know how the policies affect the chemical industry. Also, you could also adjust your investment plan according to these policies.

Table of Contents for Report "Policies on Hazardous Chemicals in China Edition (1) – Executive summary"

Table of Contents


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