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Production and Market of Imidacloprid in China Edition (5) – Executive summary

This executive summary is from Kcomber’s report Production and Market of Imidacloprid in China, which was finished on 26 April, 2016.

Imidacloprid, as one of the major insecticides in China, takes an important role in the global market. China is not only an imidacloprid producer, but also an important imidacloprid exporter in the world. China has many advantages in the production of imidacloprid, including efficient production technology, stable raw material supply and low production cost, etc.

This executive summary mainly states the production (including capacity, output, producer and technology), import, export and consumption of imidacloprid in China, and give forecasts to the supply, demand and export as well.

The Executive Summary briefs you the imidacloprid market in China, helping you more clearly know the information and adjusting your strategy about this industry.

Table of Contents for Report "Production and Market of Imidacloprid in China Edition (5) – Executive summary"

Table of Contents


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