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Production and Market of Paraquat in China Edition (8) – Executive summary

This executive summary is extracted from Kcomber’s report Production and Market of Paraquat in China finished in July 2016.

As one of the key non-selective herbicides in the world, paraquat has witnessed a fast development in the past few years in China, which has been playing an increasingly important role in the world.

China’s output of both paraquat TK and formulations witnessed an increasing trend in 2015. The paraquat manufacturers in China are mainly concentrated in four provinces, accounting for around 90% of the national total output in 2015. In addition, this executive summary also states the price, export, technology and consumption of paraquat in China.

This executive summary briefs you the general information of Chinese paraquat market, helping you clearly know the changes of paraquat market in recent years and adjust your strategy more precisely.

Table of Contents for Report "Production and Market of Paraquat in China Edition (8) – Executive summary"

Table of Contents


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