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Research and Development Trend of Boiler Industry in China, 2014-2018

Please Note: The report is in Chinese version now. The English version will be delivered in 2 business days.

Research and Development Trend of Boiler Industry in China, 2014-2018 mainly analyzes market status quo, supply and demand, and competition pattern of boiler Industry, as well as the business performance of key boiler enterprises in China, meanwhile provides reference for enterprises that want to know or invest in this field.

At present, the enterprise scale in energy-saving and environmental protection Industry is small in China. National Statistics show: in 2013, there were 1,616 boiler manufacturers who hold manufacture licenses of varieties of boilers, while the annual output was about 620,000 boilers in the past three years, which means less than 400 boilers per manufacturer. Many small-scale boiler enterprises produces only dozens of boilers one year, few of enterprises have the total labor productivity of CNY 5 million or above.

The more sub-industries the boiler industry has, the higher the requirement of technical parameters will be, so, each sub-industry has their own leading enterprise, such as: Wuxi Huaguang Boiler Co., Ltd in the field of waste power generation boiler; Western Power in the field of waste heat power generation boiler; Hangzhou Boiler Group Co., Ltd in the field of natural gas power generation boiler; and Dongfang Boiler Group Co., Ltd (DBC) in the field of large-scale boiler used for thermal power station. The technical barrier in each sub-industry is very high, so their gross profits are also high.

With the development of biomass energy in China, the mixing combustion technology of circulating fluidized bed boiler is also becoming mature gradually, the demand for circulating fluidized bed boiler also will increase gradually, and so does the market capacity. so China will become the largest market of circulating fluidized bed boiler.

Table of Contents for Report "Research and Development Trend of Boiler Industry in China, 2014-2018"

Table of Contents

1. Overview of Boiler Industry
1.1 Definition and Classification of Boiler
1.2 Structure and Working Principle

2. Development Environment of Boiler Industry in China
2.1 Economic Environment
2.2 Related Policies and Standards
2.2.1 Policies
2.2.2 Standards

3. Market Status Quo of Boiler Industry in China
3.1 Market Status Quo
3.2 Competition Pattern
3.2.1 Boiler Company Forms
3.2.2 Pattern of Origin
3.3 Supply of Boiler in China
3.3.1 Supply of Utility Boiler
3.3.2 Output of Industrial Boiler
3.4 Demand of Boiler in China

4. Key Boiler Manufacturers in China
4.1 Wuxi Huaguang Boiler Co., Ltd
4.1.1 Company Profile
4.1.2 Business Performance
4.1.3 Competitiveness
4.1.4 Development Strategy
4.2 Dongfang Boiler Group Co., Ltd (DBC)
4.2.1 Company Profile
4.2.2 Business Performance
4.2.3 Competitiveness
4.2.4 Development Strategy
4.3 Hangzhou Boiler Group Co., Ltd
4.3.1 Company Profile
4.3.2 Business Performance
4.3.3 Competitiveness
4.3.4 Development Strategy
4.4 Wuhan Boiler Co., Ltd
4.4.1 Company Profile
4.4.2 Business Performance
4.4.3 Competitiveness
4.4.4 Development Strategy
4.5 Suzhou Hailu Heavy Industry Co., Ltd (HLHI)
4.5.1 Company Profile
4.5.2 Business Performance
4.5.3 Competitiveness
4.5.4 Development Strategy
4.6 Harbin Boiler Company Limited
4.6.1 Company Profile
4.6.2 Business Performance
4.6.3 Competitiveness
4.6.4 Development Strategy
4.7 Shanghai Boiler Works Ltd
4.7.1 Company Profile
4.7.2 Competitiveness
4.7.3 Development Strategy

5. Development Trend and Forecast of Boiler Industry in China
5.1 Development Trend
5.1.1 Industry
5.1.2 Technology
5.2 Market Scale Forecast
5.2.1 Incentive National Policies
5.2.2 Sound Market Situation of Clean, High-end Boiler
5.2.3 Strong Demand in Vehicle and Watercraft Industry

6. Investment Opportunities and Risk in Boiler Industry
6.1 Investment Opportunities
6.1.1 National Economy and Policies
6.1.2 Coal-Fired Boiler Retrofit in Small and Medium Cities
6.1.3 Huge Market Space of Environmental-friendly Boiler
6.2 Investment Risks
6.2.1 Macroeconomic Environment
6.2.2 Fluctuation of Downstream Market
6.2.3 Fluctuation of Raw Material Price
6.2.4 Market Competition
6.2.5 Technological Innovation and Brain Drain
6.3 Investment Suggestions

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