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Research and Development Trend of Ceramic Tile Market in China, 2014-2018

Please Note: The report is in Chinese version now. The English version will be delivered in 2 business days.

Research and Development Trend of Ceramic Tile Market in China, 2014-2018, focus on the in-depth research on the market supply and demand, ceramic tile markets in key regions, market segmentations and the business performance of key manufacturers as well as industry competition and industry chain. In addition, this report also analyzes the business performances of 7 key enterprises, including: Shanghai CIMIC Holdings Co., Ltd, GuangDong Dongpeng Holdings Co., Ltd, Hangzhou Nabel Group Co., Ltd and Foshan Oceano Ceramics Co., Ltd etc.

In 2013, there had been 1,463 building ceramics manufacturers, the output of ceramic tile stood at 9.69 billion m2, up 7.8% over last year. And there were over 3,000 production lines of ceramic tile, if taking 330 days as a production cycle in one year, the capacity of ceramic tile was as high as 11.5 billion m2.

Seeing from product structures: the polished tile accounts for 35%, interior wall tile: 24%, exterior wall tile: 15%, archaizing wall: 12%, marble tile: 10%, microcrystal tile, 1% and others: 3%. The application of ink-jet printing products has great influence on ceramic tile. Slice will increase in market.

Through the policies publicized in downstream industry are conducive to driving the demand for ceramic tile, the per capita consumption of ceramic tile has reached 6.33 m2/person, currently, the ceramic tile industry has been on the verge of overcapacity in China. According to the Building Material Industry Planning during the 12th Five-Year Plan Period, the export volume of ceramic tile will hit 500 million m2, however, it had reached 1.148 billion m2 in 2013, and 477 million m2 in the first half year of 2014 (it is predicted that the export volume will not exceed 1.1 billion m2 in the whole year of 2014). Meanwhile, because the product technology is low, the export of ceramic tile is liable to form low price promotion and suffer anti-dumping investigation, and situation of export trade is serious increasingly.

The ceramic tile industry in China has entered into the transitional period from high-speed development to steady development, the growth rate of industry is slowed down obviously, and will maintain single-digit growth for a certain period. the stricter environmental protection policies and standards also restrict the rapid development of this industry, it is predicted that the growth rate of ceramic tile industry will be 5%-8% in the coming five years.

Table of Contents for Report "Research and Development Trend of Ceramic Tile Market in China, 2014-2018"

Table of Contents

1. Overview of Ceramic Tile Industry
1.1 Industry Definition and Characteristics
1.1.1 Industry Definition
1.1.2 Product Classification
1.2 Industry Chain

2. Development Environment of Ceramic Tile Industry
2.1 Real Estate Investment in China in the First Half Year of 2014
2.1.1 Investment on Real Estate Development
2.1.2 Commercial Houses Sold and For Sales
2.1.3 Actual Capital Contribution of Real Estate Developer
2.2 Policy Environment
2.2.1 New National Standard of Ceramic Tile
2.2.2 Building Industry Development Plan during the 12th Five Year Plan Period
2.2.3 First Industry Policy on China Sanitary Ware and Ceramic Tile to Be Published
2.2.4 Standard for Admittance into China Building Ceramics & Sanitary Ware Industry
2.2.5 Industry Standards Issued in Recent Years
2.3 Technical Environment
2.3.1 Development History
2.3.2 Development Trend

3. Development of Ceramic Tile Industry in China
3.1 Development Status Quo
3.1.1 Large Output, Obvious Regionalization
3.1.2 Increasingly Mature Industry Technology
3.1.3 Industry Integration Trend
3.2 Ceramic Tile Supply
3.2.1 Capacity
3.2.2 Supply in 2009-2013 in China
3.2.3 Supply Forecast in 2014-2018 in China
3.3 Demand for Ceramic Tile
3.3.1 Market Demand in China
3.3.2 Consumption Characteristics
3.3.3 Demand Forecast, 2014-2018

4. Competition Pattern of Ceramic Tile Market in China
4.1 Brand Competition Pattern
4.2 Regional Competition
4.3 Competition Trend
4.3.1 Heterogeneity Competition-Future Development Trend
4.3.2 Service Competition Era

5. Market Segmentations in Ceramic Tile Industry
5.1 Polished Tile
5.1.1 Market Status Quo
5.1.2 Regional Development
5.2 Archaizing Tile
5.2.1 Market Status Quo
5.2.2 Development Trend
5.3 Microcrystal Tile
5.4 Exterior Wall Tile

6. Key Regions of Ceramic Tile
6.1 Guangdong
6.1.1 Output in 2009-2013
6.1.2 Export in the First Half Year of 2014
6.2 Sichuan
6.3 Shandong

7. Import & Export of Ceramic Tile Industry in China
7.1 Ceramic Tile Import in 2013-First Half Year of 2014
7.1.1 Import Analysis in 2013
7.1.2 Import Analysis in the First Half Year of 2014
7.2 Ceramic Tile Export in 2013-First Half Year of 2014
7.2.1 Increase of Export Trade Barriers
7.2.2 Export Analysis in 2013
7.2.3 Import Analysis in the First Half Year of 2014

8. Key Enterprises in Ceramic Industries
8.1 Shanghai CIMIC Holdings Co., Ltd
8.1.1 Company Profile
8.1.2 Business Performance
8.1.3 Ceramic Tile Services
8.2 GuangDong Dongpeng Holdings Co., Ltd
8.2.1 Company Profile
8.2.2 Business Performance
8.2.3 Ceramic Tile Services
8.3 Hangzhou Nabel Group Co., Ltd
8.3.1 Company Profile
8.3.2 Business Performance
8.3.3 Ceramic Tile Services
8.4 Guangdong Monalisa New Material Group Co., Ltd
8.4.1 Company Profile
8.4.2 Business Performance
8.4.3 Ceramic Tile Services
8.5 Guangdong Newpearl Ceramics Group Co., Ltd
8.5.1 Company Profile
8.5.2 Business Performance
8.5.3 Ceramic Tile Services
8.6 Guangdong Xinzhongyuan Ceramics Co., Ltd
8.6.1 Company Profile
8.6.2 Ceramic Tile Services
8.7 Foshan Oceano Ceramics Co., Ltd
8.7.1 Company Profile
8.7.2 Business Performance
8.7.3 Ceramic Tile Services

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