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Research and Forecast of China Skin Care Products Market, 2013-2017

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Research and Forecast of China Skin Care Products Market, 2013-2017 mainly analyzes the status quo of international and domestic markets of skin care products, product supply and demand, business performance of domestic major enterprises; in the meantime, it offers some suggestions on the skin care product industry, providing the decisive reference for enterprises to know and invest such a field.

For recent years, with the rapid development of China’s economy and continuous improvement of people’s livelihood, basing on such a huge population base, China has become ones of the world’s largest cosmetics market. In 2012, China became the world’s third largest cosmetics market following the US and Japan.

At present, the skin care product has entered the rapid development stage and the market scale has been improved to some extent, but not so stable. Currently, the market is staying the competition situation among a lot of brands. According to the statistics from the China Cosmetics Net, in 2012, the total sales amount of skin care product market was nearly CNY 55 billion with the growth of about 11%. During January to October 2013, the total sales amount of skin care product market reached CNY 47.9 billion.

According to the related statistics, among the Chinese current cosmetics manufacturers, 58% of them are private enterprises, 32% of them are foreign enterprises and 10% are state-owned enterprises. For recent years, the international brand have been continuously penetrated to China’s medium and low-end market by the acquisitions & mergers and integration of domestic brands; more and more foreign cosmetics enterprises are making the China Acquisition Plan, so China’s cosmetics industry is stepping into the integration era. The foreign integration forces in China are currently divided into two major groups, namely Europe-America force and Japan –South Korea force.

The demand for skin care products has a direct relationship with the number, income and consumption concepts of China’s young females; with the economic development, more and more middle-aged and aged women also begin to pay attention to their own images and they begin to increase the consumption in beauty and cosmetics; additionally, the male consumption group is also gradually growing.

Table of Contents for Report "Research and Forecast of China Skin Care Products Market, 2013-2017"

Table Of Contents

1. Overview of Skin Care Products
1.1 Definition and Efficacies
1.2 Classification
1.3 Development Stages

2. Skin Care Products in the Foreign Market
2.1 Market Overview of Major Counties in Asia
2.2 Market Overview of Major Counties in Europe
2.3 Market Overview of Major Counties in America

3. China's Skin Care Product Industry Development Environment
3.1 China's Economic Development Environment in First Three Quarters of 2013
3.2 Related Policies and Standards

4. Status Quo of China's Skin Care Product Industry
4.1 Overview
4.2 Existing Problems
4.3 Development Countermeasures
4.4 Factors Affecting the Industry Development
4.4.1 Economic Factors
4.4.2 Supervision Continuously Being Standardized
4.4.3 Downstream E-commerce Industry Developing Rapidly
4.5 Competitive Pattern
4.5.1 Brand Pattern
4.5.2 Regional Pattern

5. Characteristics of Skin Care Products
5.1 Concentration Ratio
5.2 SWOT Analysis
5.2.1 Strength
5.2.2 Weakness
5.2.3 Opportunity
5.2.4 Threat

6. Market Development of China's Skin Care Products
6.1 Supply
6.2 Demand
6.3 Price
6.3.1 Factors Affecting the Price
6.3.2 Influence on Price of Upstream and Downstream Industry
6.3.3 Prices of Some Skin Care Product Brands

7. Population Structure Market Segments of Skin Care Products
7.1 Male Skin Care Products
7.1.1 Market Status
7.1.2 Existing Problems and Countermeasures
7.1.3 Development Trends
7.2 Infant Skin Care Products
7.3 Skin Care Products for Middle-aged and Elderly People

8. Functional Market Segments of Skin Care Products
8.1 Sunscreen Skin Care Products
8.2 Facial Cleanser
8.3 Facial Mask

9. Imports and Exports of Skin Care Products
9.1 Import and Export Volume and Amount of China's Skin Care Products
9.2 Major Import Sources and Export Destinations of China's Skin Care Products

10. Major Foreign Skin Care Product Enterprises
10.1 L' Oreal Paris
10.1.1 Company Profile
10.1.2 Business Performance
10.1.3 Major Cosmetics Brands
10.2 P&G
10.2.1 Company Profile
10.2.2 Business Performance
10.2.3 Major Cosmetics Brands
10.3 Amway
10.3.1 Company Profile
10.3.2 Business Performance
10.3.3 Major Cosmetics Brands
10.4 Estee Lauder
10.4.1 Company Profile
10.4.2 Business Performance
10.4.3 Major Brands
10.5 AVON
10.5.1 Company Profile
10.5.2 Business Performance
10.6 Shiseido
10.6.1 Company Profile
10.6.2 Business Performance
10.6.3 Major Cosmetics Brands

11. China's Major Skin Care Product Enterprises
11.1 JALA (Group) Co., Ltd.
11.1.1 Company Profile
11.1.2 Business Performance
11.1.3 Competitive Advantages
11.1.4 Development Strategies
11.2 Shanghai Inoherb Cosmetics Co., Ltd.
11.2.1 Company Profile
11.2.2 Business Performance
11.2.3 Competitive Advantages
11.2.4 Future Development
11.3 Shanghai Herborist Cosmetics Co., Ltd.
11.3.1 Company Profile
11.3.2 Business Performance
11.3.3 Competitive Advantages
11.3.4 Future Development
11.4 Beijing Dabao Cosmetics Co., Ltd.
11.4.1 Company Profile
11.4.2 Business Performance
11.4.3 Competitive Advantages
11.4.4 Future Development
11.5 Jiangsu LONGLIQI Bio-Science Co., Ltd. (Longrich)
11.5.1 Company Profile
11.5.2 Competitive Advantages
11.5.3 Business Performance
11.5.4 Future Development
11.6 Tianjin YUMEIJING Group Co., Ltd.
11.6.1 Company Profile
11.6.2 Competitive Advantages
11.6.3 Business Performance
11.6.4 Future Development

12. Development Trends of China's Skin Care Products
12.1 Market Development Forecast
12.1.1 Market Scale to Be Continuously Grow
12.1.2 Sales Channels to Be Changed
12.1.3 Competition to Lead to the Slow Industry Growth
12.1.4 E-Commerce Digitalization
12.2 Product Development Forecast
12.2.1 Diversification of Male Cosmetics
12.2.2 Being Absolutely Safe to Human Body
12.2.3 Being Natural and Containing Chinese Herbal Ingredients
12.2.4 Being Anti-Aging and Sunscreen to Be a Trend

13. Investment Analysis of Industry Experts of China's Skin Care Product Industry
13.1 Investment Opportunities
13.2 Investment Risks
13.2.1 Policy and Industry Risks
13.2.2 Substitution Risk
13.2.3 Competition Risk
13.2.4 Management Risk
13.3 Development Suggestions
13.3.1 Generalizing Related Laws & Regulations and Doing Well Risk Warning
13.3.2 Differentiation Strategy
13.3.3 Network Marketing
13.3.4 Individualization of Product Package

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