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Research and Investment Prospect Analysis of China Excavator Industry, 2014-2018

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In 2013, the output of excavators reached 148900 sets in China. The top three provinces were Shandong, Hunan and Jiangsu, whose output was 34069 sets, 28583 sets and 27444 sets respectively, accounting for 22.9%, 19.2% and 18.4% of the total output respectively, totaling 60.5% with higher concentration ratio.

Excavator has become the fastest growing machine in China’s construction machinery industry, which placed an important role. According to sales status in 2013, market shares of domestic brands witnessed a decline to 44.27%. While market shares of Japanese brands, European and American brands increased to 26.37% and 14.4% respectively; South Korean brands present to be stable, and market share dropped slightly to 14.86%.

For reducing environmental pollution, at present, different countries’ governments formulated policies and laws for compulsory emission targets of motor vehicle so as to prohibit the sale and use of motor vehicles that emissions exceeded. In recent years, China also brought forward series of relevant regulations in accordance with international standards gradually. In the future, excavator products will take energy-saving and cost-reducing development direction.

On June 20th 2013, National Development and Reform Commission and Ministry of Transport compiled National Highway Network Planning (2013-2030) which has been approved by the State Council. According to this planning, 400 thousand kilometers of national highways will be constructed as of 2030. Huidian Research takes a view that excavator market will be further expanded as continuing investment in affordable housing, the further transformation of national highway construction and water conservancy construction. It is estimated that the market scale of excavators will reach about CNY 100 billion in 2014 and CNY 145 billion in 2018.


Table of Contents for Report "Research and Investment Prospect Analysis of China Excavator Industry, 2014-2018"

Table Of Contents

1. Overview of Excavator
1.1 Definition
1.2 Classification and Composition
1.3 Industrial Chain
1.4 Historical Review

2. Status Quo of Global Excavator Industry
2.1 Development Review of Global Excavator Industry
2.2 Excavator Industry in Key Countries
2.2.1 America
2.2.2 Japan
2.2.3 Germany
2.2.4 South Korea
2.3 Technological Development Trend in Global Excavator Industry

3. Macro Economic Analysis in China
3.1 Economic Development Environment in China
3.2 Policy Environment of Excavator
3.2.1 Macro Policy Analysis
3.2.2 Relevant Policy of Excavator Industry

4. Dynamic Analysis of China's Excavator Market
4.1 Market Operation
4.2 Existing Problems
4.3 Risks

5. China Excavator Industry Segmentation—Mini-Excavator
5.1 Development Status of China's Mini-Excavator Market
5.2 Problems of Mini-Excavator
5.3 Affecting Factors of Mini-Excavator Industry in China
5.3.1 Favorable Factors
5.3.2 Risk Factors

6. China Excavator Industry Segmentation—Hydraulic Excavator
6.1 Market Development of Hydraulic Excavator in China
6.1.1 Development Status
6.1.2 Hydraulic Excavator Market Operation in China
6.2 Future Development Trend

7. Development Analysis of China's Other Excavator Products
7.1 Large and Medium-Sized Excavators
7.1.1 Development History
7.1.2 Development Status
7.1.3 Gaps between China and Foreign Countries
7.2 Wheel Excavator
7.3 Agricultural Excavator
7.3.1 Status Quo of Agricultural Excavator
7.3.2 Existing Problems
7.3.3 Primary Development Direction in the Future

8. Upstream Raw Material Market of Excavator Industry in China
8.1 Development Status of Nonferrous Industry
8.2 Development Status of Iron and Steel Industry in China and Prospect
8.2.1 Market Status
8.2.2 Influences on Excavator Manufacturing
8.3 Trend of China's Hydraulic Sealing Component

9. Downstream Industry Development Status of China's Excavator Industry
9.1 Real Estate Industry
9.2 Railway Transportation Construction
9.3 Mining Industry

10. Competitive Landscape of China's Excavator Industry
10.1 Competitive Status
10.2 Concentration Ratio
10.3 Regional Competition

11. Key Enterprises in China
11.1 Sany Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.
11.1.1 Company Profile
11.1.2 Business Performance
11.1.3 Competitiveness
11.2 Taiyuan Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.
11.2.1 Company Profile
11.2.2 Business Performance
11.2.3 Competitiveness
11.3 Hunan Sunward Intelligent Machinery Co., Ltd.
11.3.1 Company Profile
11.3.2 Business Performance
11.3.3 Competitiveness
11.4 Changlin Company Ltd.
11.4.1 Company Profile
11.4.2 Business Performance
11.4.3 Competitiveness
11.5 Guangxi LiuGong Machinery Co., Ltd.
11.5.1 Company Profile
11.5.2 Business Performance
11.5.3 Competitiveness
11.6 Zoomlion Heavy Industry Science & Technology C., Ltd.
11.6.1 Company Profile
11.6.2 Business Performance
11.6.3 Competitive Edge

12. Development Prospect and Trend of China's Excavator Industry
12.1 Future Development Prospect of Construction Machinery Industry
12.2 Development Prospect of Excavator Enterprises
12.3 Development Trend of Excavator Industry
12.4 Development Proposals

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