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Research and Investment Prospect of China Golf Industry, 2014-2018

Research and Investment Prospect of China Golf Industry, 2014-2018 mainly conducts an analysis on Golf Industry in the following aspects: market scale, golf market supply and demand, regional competition and business performance of major golf clubs; meanwhile it makes predictions on golf industry, so as to let related enterprises know this industry better and offer decision-making references for investors.

Currently Chinese golf product enterprises are primarily concentrated in Guangdong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu and Shanghai. In 2013 the output value of golf products in China generated CNY 6.4 billion, increased by 10.34% compared with CNY 5.8 billion in 2012.

In 2012 the number of core golf population in China continued growing. Chinese core golf population totaled 386 thousand in 2012, a year-on-year growth of 7.8%. While it can be calculated that the core golf population approximately accounts for 35% to 42% of total golf population in China, thus it is estimated that China has total golf population of about 920 thousand to 1.1 million.

As the increasing of Chinese resident incomes and the rising of people’s living standards in the next several years, the number of golf population will maintain the growth rate of about 12%, golf product industry’ production scale also will be further expanded.

Table of Contents for Report "Research and Investment Prospect of China Golf Industry, 2014-2018"

Table Of Contents

1. Overview of Golf Industry
1.1 Overview of Golf Sport
1.2 Statistics on Golf Population
1.3 Golf Brands

2. Development Analysis of Global Golf Industry
2.1 Development Overview of Foreign Golf Industry
2.2 Development Status of Golf Industry in China

3. Macro-Environment Analysis of Golf Industry
3.1 Economic Environment
3.2 Policy Environment

4. Market Status of China's Golf Industry
4.1 Supply and Demand of China's Golf Industry
4.2 Industry Scale
4.3 Structural Analysis of China's Golf Industry
4.3.1 Golf Course and Golf Manufacturing Industry
4.3.2 Golf Real Estate Industry
4.3.3 Golf Tournament Industry
4.3.4 Golf Tourism Industry
4.3.5 Other Industries
4.4 Consumption Structure of China's Golf Industry
4.4.1 Income Structure
4.4.2 Age Structure
4.4.3 Sex Structure
4.4.4 Position Structure
4.4.4 Industrial Structure
4.5 Problems Faced by China's Golf Industry

5 Operation Analysis of Golf Industry
5.1 Development Mode of Golf Industry
5.1.1 Integrated Development Mode
5.1.2 Golf + Conference
5.1.3 Golf + Real Estate
5.1.4 Small-Sized Golf Programs
5.2 Marketing Strategies of China's Golf Clubs
5.2.1 Golf Belongs to Minority of the Population
5.2.2 Golf Development is on Rising Trend
5.2.3 Golf Marketing Focuses on Sports Market
5.2.4 Golf Marketing Method is on Low Level

6. Import and Export of China's Golf Industry
6.1 Imports and Exports of Golf Vehicles (HS: 87031011)
6.2 Imports and Exports of Golf Clubs?HS: 950631?
6.3 Imports and Exports of Golf Balls?HS:950632?
6.4 Imports and Exports of Other Golf Instrument Products?HS:950639?

7. Competitiveness and Concentration Ratio of Golf Industry
7.1 Regional Concentration Ratio of China's Golf Industry
7.2 International Competitiveness of China's Golf Tourism
7.3 Competition between Chinese and Foreign Golf Clubs
7.3.1 Classification of Competitors and Competition
7.3.2 Competitive Ability
7.4 Internal Competition among China's Golf Club Industry
7.4.1 Intra-regional Industrial Competition
7.4.2 Inter-regional Industrial Competition
7.4.3 Competition among Different-Level Clubs, Public Golf Courses and Practice Courts

8. Competitiveness Analysis on China's Leading Golf Enterprises
8.1 Chung Shan Hot Spring Golf Club
8.1.1 Basic Status
8.1.2 Competitive Edge
8.1.3 Club Operation Situation
8.2 Yalong Bay Golf Club
8.2.1 Basic Status
8.2.2 Competitive Edge
8.2.3 Club Operation Situation
8.3 Sunshine Golf Club
8.3.1 Basic Status
8.3.2 Competitive Edge
8.3.3 Club Operation Situation
8.4 Shanghai Silport Golf Club
8.4.1 Basic Status
8.4.2 Competitive Edge
8.4.3 Club Operation Situation
8.5 Dalian Jinshi Golf Club
8.5.1 Basic Status
8.5.2 Competitive Edge
8.5.3 Club Operation Situation

9. Development Forecast of Golf Industry
9.1 External Investment Analysis (PEST) of China's Golf Course Industry
9.1.1 Political Environment
9.1.2 Economic Environment
9.1.3 Technical Environment
9.1.4 Social Environment
9.2 Development Forecast of China's Golf Industry, 2014-2018
9.3 Social Development Trend of China's Golf Industry

10. Investment Strategies for China's Golf Industry, 2014-2018
10.1 Investment Opportunities
10.2 Challenges
10.3 Development Proposals

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