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Research on China Maternity Clothing Market, 2014-2018

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Research on China Maternity Clothing Market, 2014-2018 mainly carries on analyses in the following aspects: market status, supply and demand, competitive landscape and business performance of major enterprises in China; meanwhile it offers suggestions for maternity clothing industry, so as to provide decision-making references for investors.

China has a huge population base with a high proportion of professional women, creating an enormous consumption market of maternity clothing. Faced with a fierce competitive job market, a majority of mothers-to-be insist in working until near the time of labor under permissive physical conditions. In China’s maternity clothing market, most of pregnant women belong to the post 80s-generation, of them, most working women pursue high brand consumption, fashion and have publicizing individuality. Foreign high-end maternity clothing is flooding into Chinese market, so maternity clothing market shows an upward development trend.

Because of huge and stable consumer groups with unprecedented consumption power, market demands expedite the emergence of a lot of maternity clothing producers. According to statistics, now there are nearly one hundred enterprises in China’s maternity clothing industry, in addition many Hong Kong-funded and Taiwan-funded brands have marched into inland market. However most of domestic enterprises are small size with relatively weak strength, so their outputs are small and product style is single, and target customers belong to low-end customers.

Through years of development, natural elimination and integration process, new competitors equip themselves with more powerful strength so as to conduct business from a higher starting point. Some enterprises which have resource integration competence and emphasize on brand operation stand out from the competition, such as O.C.T. mami, HUIBAO and Gennie’s.

At present sales value of China’s maternity clothing is approximately about CNY 5 billion, of which about 40% is generated in the sales of radiation-proof maternity clothing. With the implementation of two-child policy in China, China’s maternity clothing market space will be further opened.

Table of Contents for Report "Research on China Maternity Clothing Market, 2014-2018"

Table Of Contents

1. Overview of Maternity Clothing
1.1 Brief Introduction to Maternity Clothing
1.1.1 Definition
1.1.2 Classification
1.1.3 Performance
1.2 Development History

2. Development Environment of China Maternity Clothing
2.1 China's Economic Development Environment
2.2 Relevant Policies and Standards
2.2.1 Policies
2.2.2 Standards

3. Status of China Maternity Clothing Industry
3.1 Market Status
3.1.1 Overview of Maternity Clothing Industry
3.1.2 Existing Problems
3.2 Competitive Landscape

4. Supply and Demand Analysis of Maternity Clothing Industry
4.1 Supply Analysis
4.2 Demand Analysis
4.3 Price Analysis of Maternity Clothing
4.3.1 Factors Influencing Prices
4.3.2 Price Analysis in China

5. Market Analysis of Radiation-proof Maternity Clothing
5.1 Brief Introduction to Radiation-proof Maternity Clothing
5.1.1 Fabrics of Radiation-proof Clothing
5.1.2 Hazards of Electromagnetic Radiation
5.2 Development Status of China Radiation-proof Maternity Clothing Industry
5.2.1 Origin and Development
5.2.2 Controversies Over Radiation-proof Clothing in Recent Years
5.2.3 Market Analysis

6. Major Enterprises in China Maternity Clothing Industry
6.1.1 Company Profile
6.1.2 Business Performance
6.1.3 Competitive Advantages
6.1.4 Future Development Strategy
6.2.1 Company Profile
6.2.2 Business Performance
6.2.3 Competitive Advantages
6.2.4 Future Development Strategy
6.4 Shanghai Yinxin Garments Co., Ltd.
6.6 Key Brands of Radiation-proof Maternity Clothing
6.6.2 UADD
6.6.4 MBABY

7. Development Trend Prediction of China Maternity Clothing Industry
7.1 Development Trend
7.1.1 Development Trend of Maternity Clothing Products
7.1.2 Development Trend of Radiation-proof Clothing
7.2 Market Size Forecasting
7.2.1 Promising Maternity Clothing Industry as a whole
7.2.2 Broad Market Prospects
7.2.3 Huge Potential Market
7.2.4 Consumption Upgrading Promotes Demand Growth of High-end Products

8. Investment Opportunities and Risks in Maternity Clothing Industry
8.1 Investment Opportunities
8.1.1 Relevant National Supportive Policies
8.1.2 Per Capita Income
8.1.3 Consumer Groups
8.1.4 Urbanization Level
8.2 Barriers to Enter into Maternity Clothing Industry
8.2.1 Brand Barriers
8.2.2 Channel Barriers
8.2.3 Barriers in R&D Ability
8.3 Investment Risks
8.3.1 National Childbearing Policies Influencing the Number of Pregnant Women and Fertility Rate
8.3.2 Deficient Industrial Standards and Disorder Competition
8.3.3 Competitive Risk
8.3.4 Fluctuations in Prices of Raw Materials
8.3.5 Loss of Key Technical Staff
8.4 Development Suggestions for Maternity Clothing Industry
8.4.1 Differentiation in Product Positioning
8.4.2 Brand Diversification
8.4.3 Product Differentiation
8.4.4 Price Differentiation
8.4.5 Channel Differentiation
8.4.6 Popularization and Promotion Differentiation
8.4.7 Culture Differentiation
8.4.8 Diversified Capital Competition

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