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Research on Financial Leasing Industry in China, 2013-2017

The rapid development of China’s financial leasing industry in 2012 was remarkable. In 2012, the business turnover of China’s financial leasing was CNY 1.55 trillion, increasing by approximately CNY 620 billion compared with CNY 930 billion in the end of 2011, the growth rate was 66.7%.

As of the end of 2012, the number of the domestic financial leasing companies was almost 560, increasing by almost 300 over 2011; the number of foreign-funded leasing companies was 460, increasing by 250 compared with 2011; the growth rate was more than 100%.

At the end of 2012, the registered capital of financial leasing companies was CNY 189 billion, up 36.2% YoY; industry capital adequacy ratio was 12.2%, including CNY 62.2 billion of financial leasing registered capital; registered capital increased by 17.8%. At the same period, the registered capital of foreign capital lease was CNY 90.4 billion, up 76.9% YoY.

In terms of competitive landscape, at the end of 2012, the business turnover of lease contract of 20 financial leasing companies was CNY 660 billion, accounting for more than 40% of the total business turnover of financial leasing industry. The industry concentration ratio is high. In 2012, the listed companies successively set foot in financial leasing industry, which may intensify market competition. Since Dec of 2012, Kinwa, Anyang Iron and Steel, Xinzhu Corporation, Jinggong Science & Technology, Furuitezhuang, Chihong Zn & Ge and some other listed companies have announced to carry out finance least business.

Huidian Research holds the view that China’s financial leasing market penetration rate is only about 5%, while this number in European and American market is about 20%. In terms of the international horizontal comparison and the economic growth of China, as world”s second largest economy, China’s financial leasing industry has huge space for development. It is expected that the scale of the overall leasing industry in China will exceed CNY 10 trillion in 2020; the CAGR will be about 30%; leasing penetration rate will surpass 10%. Financial leasing industry in Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Xiamen, like that in developed countries, has become an important complement to bank credit and securities financing. In these cities, a scientific and stable funding system will begin to form.

Table of Contents for Report "Research on Financial Leasing Industry in China, 2013-2017"

Table Of Contents

1. Financial Leasing Industry Overview
1.1 Definition and Characteristics
1.2 Business Form and Application Analysis

2. Status Quo of Financial Leasing Industry in Foreign Countries

3. Operation Environment of Financial Leasing Industry in China
3.1 Economic Environment
3.1.1 Macroeconomy
3.1.2 GDP
3.1.3 Fixed Asset Investment
3.2 Policy Environment

4. Operating Situation of Financial Leasing Industry in China
4.1 Development Status of Financial Leasing Business in China
4.1.1 Position of China’s Financial Leasing Market in the World
4.1.2 Development Trend of Financial Leasing Business in China
4.1.3 Gap between China and Developed Countries and the Main Factors
4.2 Operation Status of Financial Leasing Industry in China
4.2.1 Type and Development of Financial Leasing Companies
4.2.2 Trend of Business Volume, 2007-2012
4.2.3 Competitive Landscape of China’s Financial Leasing Companies, 2012

5. Upstream and Downstream of Financial Leasing Industry
5.1 Upstream
5.2 Downstream

6. Key Fields of Financial Leasing Industry in China
6.1 Aviation Financial Leasing
6.1.1 Development of China’s Aviation Transportation Industry
6.1.2 China’s Aviation Leasing Market
6.1.3 Aircraft Leasing of China’s Airlines
6.1.4 Constraints of Financial Leasing Business in China’s Aviation Field
6.2 Ship Financial Leasing
6.2.1 Development of China’s Shipbuilding Industry
6.2.2 China’s Ship Leasing Market
6.2.3 Financial Leasing Business Features in China’s Shipbuilding Industry
6.3 Construction Machinery Financial Leasing
6.3.1 Development of Construction Machinery Industry
6.3.2 Construction Machinery Leasing Market
6.3.3 Construction Machinery Financial Leasing Companies
6.4 Development of China’s Medical Equipment Industry
6.4.1 Financial Leasing Market of China’s Medical Equipment
6.4.2 Competitive Landscape of Financial Leasing of China’s Medical Equipment
6.5 Railway Transportation Equipment Financial Leasing
6.5.1 Development of China’s Railway Transportation Market
6.5.2 China’s Railway Transportation Equipment Financial Leasing

7. Key Financial Leasing Companies in China
7.1 CDB Leasing
7.1.1 Company Profile
7.1.2 Business Performance
7.1.3 Financial Leasing Business
7.2 ICBC Leasing
7.2.1 Company Profile
7.2.2 Business Performance
7.2.3 Financial Leasing Business
7.3 BOC Aviation
7.3.1 Company Profile
7.3.2 Business Performance
7.3.3 Financial Leasing Business
7.4 Minsheng Financial Leasing Co., Ltd.
7.4.1 Company Profile
7.4.2 Business Performance
7.4.3 Financial Leasing Business
7.5 CMB Financial Leasing
7.5.1 Company Profile
7.5.2 Business Performance
7.5.3 Financial Leasing Business

8. Development Trend of Financial Leasing Industry in China
8.1 Industry Development Prospects, 2013-2017
8.2 Development Trend

9. Risk Management of Financial Leasing Industry
9.1 Credit Risk Management and Control of Dealing Subject
9.2 Risk Management and Control of Trading Law
9.3 Risk Management and Control of Leased Asset
9.4 Financial Risk

10. The Conclusions and Recommendations of Financial Leasing Industry
10.1 Problems Faced by the Industry Development
10.2 Development Proposals of Financial Leasing Market

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