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Sodium Borohydride Market in China Edition (4) – Executive summary

The Executive Summary of sodium borohydride market in China is from CCM’s report Sodium Borohydride Market in China, which is finished in May 2016.

During 2011-2015, China’s output of sodium borohydride kept increasing, from 2,145 tonnes in 2011 to 2,850 tonnes in 2015, with CAGR of about 7.36%. The operating rate in the whole industry was just 58.16% in 2015. However, the total capacity is still superfluous to the current demand.

CCM mainly focuses on the China’s sodium borohydride market from several aspects including production, market price, technology, consumption, import and export, etc.

In this report, you can know more about the sodium borohydride market dynamics, competition pattern of producers in China, learn about the major applications of sodium borohydride and the company profiles of major manufacturers and end-users.

Table of Contents for Report "Sodium Borohydride Market in China Edition (4) – Executive summary"

Table of Contents


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