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Supply and Demand of Modified Food Starch in China Edition (2) – Executive summary

This executive summary is extracted from CCM’s report Supply and Demand for Modified Food Starch in China, finished in April 2016.

With an increasingly well-off consumers and growing demand for high quality food and beverages, China has become an increasingly important market for modified food starch in the world, with fast growing import volume in recent years.

Although China’s modified food starch consumption has maintained its growth momentum during 2014 and 2015, the growth rate has slowed down compared to previous years, as well as its output growth speed. Besides, capacity expansions in China have basically stopped in recent two years. What are the major reasons for the slowdown of growth rate in recent two years?

The three key raw materials for modified food starch production, corn and corn starch, cassava starch and potato starch, have displayed different growth momentum in recent years. What’s the production situation of modified food starch based on different materials, and what are their future trends? How the supply of these three raw materials has influenced the geographical concentration of modified food starch producers?

How many players have been involved actively in China’s modified food starch production in recent two years? How has the industry consolidation been progressing? Among all application areas in 2015, which areas have been growing faster than the others? How will China’s modified food starch supply and demand progress in the coming five years?

This executive summary briefs you an overview over China’s modified food starch supply and demand provides you a general outlook of the industry. You will find all the answers to the above questions from this executive summary report.

Table of Contents for Report "Supply and Demand of Modified Food Starch in China Edition (2) – Executive summary"

Table of Contents


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