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Survey of Prochloraz in China

Survey of Prochloraz in China is CCM’s second edition report on China’s prochloraz industry, finished in April 2013. This intelligent report attaches importance to the following aspects:

  • Production summary of prochloraz industry (capacity, output and key manufacturers) and consumption summary by volume in China during 2008—2012
  • Price of prochloraz during 2008—2012
  • Forecast on China’s prochloraz industry, 2013—2017
  • Key factors influencing the development of prochloraz industry in China
  • Competitors of prochloraz

What Are The Aims Of This Report?

  • To provide readers with comprehensive & indepth understanding on Chinese prochloraz industry;
  • To identify the major suppliers of prochloraz in China;
  • To survey the current production situation of prochloraz technical;
  • To discuss and analyze the price fluctuations and find out reasons for such fluctuations;
  • To analyze the demand for prochloraz;
  • To reveal current consumption of prochloraz in China;
  • To find out what drives and restricts the development of prochloraz;
  • To predict what the future of China’s prochloraz industry will be.

Table of Contents for Report "Survey of Prochloraz in China"

Table Of Contents

Executive Summary

Introduction And Methodology

1 Overview Of Prochloraz Industry
1.1 Brief Introduction To The Pesticide Industry
1.2 Brief Introduction To The Prochloraz Industry

2 Production Technology Of Prochloraz

3 Registration Situation Of Prochloraz

4 Supply Of Prochloraz
4.1 Summary Of Prochloraz Technical Production
4.2 Key Prochloraz Technical Manufacturers
4.3 Summary Of Prochloraz Formulations Production

5 Circulation Situation Of Prochloraz
5.1 Export Situation Of Prochloraz
5.2 Price Of Prochloraz

6 Consumption Of Prochloraz

7 Competitive Products Of Prochloraz

8 Future Trend
8.1 Drivers And Barriers To Prochloraz's Development In China
8.2 Supply And Demand Forecast, 2013â€"2017

List Of Tables

Table 1.1-1 Number Of Registrations Of Pesticide Formulations By Specification, By Jan. 2013
Table 1.1-2 Output Structure Of Pesticides By Volume (Calculated By 100% Technical) In China, 1986â€"2012 ('000 Tonne)
Table 1.1-3 Consumption Of Pesticides By Volume (Calculated By Technical) In China, 2007â€"2012, Tonne
Table 1.1-4 Import And Export Of Pesticides In China, 2009â€"2012
Table 1.2-1 Output And Consumption Share Of Prochloraz In The Fungicide Industry In China, 2008â€"2012
Table 3-1 Valid Registrations Of Prochloraz Technical In China, As Of March 2013
Table 3-2 Valid Registrations Of Prochloraz Formulations In China, As Of March 2013
Table 4.2-1 Basic Information On The Main Prochloraz Technical Manufacturers In China, 2013
Table 4.2-2 Capacity And Output Of The Main Prochloraz Technical Manufacturers In China, 2008â€"2012
Table 4.3-1 Output Of Prochloraz Formulations By Specification In China, 2008â€"2012, Tonne
Table 7-1 Comparison Between Prochloraz And Its Major Competitors

List Of Figures

Figure 1.1-1 Output Share Of Pesticide Technical In The Major Regions Of China, 2012
Figure 2-1 Main Chemical Reaction In Prochloraz Production
Figure 2-2 Flow Chart Of Prochloraz Production Process
Figure 4.1-1 Capacity And Output Of Prochloraz Technical In China, 2008â€"2012
Figure 5.2-1 Ex-Work Price Of Prochloraz 97% Technical In China, 2008â€"March 2013
Figure 5.2-2 Ex-Work Price Of 97% Prochloraz Technical And Prochloraz 25% Ec In China, 2011â€"March 2013
Figure 6-1 Domestic Apparent Consumption Of Prochloraz Technical, 2008â€"2012
Figure 6-2 Domestic Consumption Of Prochloraz Formulations, 2008â€"2012
Figure 6-3 Consumption Structure Of Prochloraz By Crops In China, 2012
Figure 8.2-1 Forecast On Domestic Demand (By 97% Technical) Of Prochloraz In China, 2013â€"2017
Figure 8.2-2 Output Forecast Of Prochloraz Technical In China, 2013â€"2017

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